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Handmade products made by the hearing impaired students of Ashray Akruti

“At Ashray Akruti, we try to equip our student with more than just academics. It is extremely important for our students to have a holistic development and so our pre-vocational training unit looks over the development of certain skills to not only help the students out in the future but also to provide them with a creative outlet to express themselves through. We usually deal with teaching our students various kinds of art, such as- embroidery, acrylic on canvas, glass painting & other crafty things. We currently have 75 students who come to the unit twice a week to be trained under our skilled art & craft teachers. Their progress & hard-work in their creations are celebrated well throughout the year through the various stalls and exhibitions that are put up by Ashray Akruti that display & sell their works. Not only do our students learn a lot from their time spent at the pre-vocational training unit, but they truly enjoy and have the opportunity to unwind and destress twice a week.
Purchasing these hand made products that include paintings, paper bags, pebble art-paper weight, mobile pouches, diyas, origami works, etc. enables you to support the activities of Ashray Akruti.
If you are interested in purchasing the products and for more details contact: 9100779277.

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