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  1. What is the meaning Ashray-Akruti?

    ”Ashray” is a Sanskrit word which means Shelter and “Akruti” means Shape.”Ashray –Akruti” provides shelter and shape to its beneficiaries

  2. What is the legal status of the organization?

    Organisation is registered under A.P. Societies Registration Act.

  3. Are there any branches of Ashray Akruti?

    Yes, we have three branches in Hyderabad, A.P.

  4. Does your organisation get any support from the Government?

    No, we do not receive any support from the state or central Government.

  5. What is the reason for not getting support from the Government?

    The state Government does not have provision to support NGOs running special schools for hearing impaired and the Central Government is not considering NGOs from high demand states

  6. Are the contributions/ Donations made in cash exempted from tax? If yes under what act?

    Yes, cash donations are exempted U/s 80G of IT act.

  7. Are the donations made in kind Exempted?

    No, As per the IT Act donations made in kind are not tax exempted

  8. Are the donations 100% exempted from tax?

    No, the donations made to Ashray Akruti are 50% exempted from Tax.

  9. Do you accept cash donations?

    Yes, Receipt will be issued immediately.

  10. What are the other ways of donating?

    You may issue a cheque/ DD, wire transfer or deposit cash in the authorized branches. Cheques or DDs may be issued in the name of”ASHRAY – AKRUTI”

  11. Do you accept donations through credit card?


  12. Do you accept donations through swiping facility?

    Yes, You may kindly swipe your card when you visit Ashray Akruti and make the donation.

  13. Do you accept donations through ECS Facility?

    Yes, Please get in touch with Ashray Akruti on phone or though E-mail we will address your concerns helps you to complete the process

  14. Do you accept online donations through other platforms?

    We are listed with Give India Foundation, so you may kindly choose the following link to donate, which is safe and secure. link

  15. Can anyone or group of volunteers offer services?

    Yes, opportunities for volunteering are available.

  16. Do I need to have any special training to offer volunteer services?

    Not necessarily. Volunteers are trained suitably.

  17. How can we volunteer?

    Please go through our website for details.

  18. Do you provide a certificate?

    Yes, we do if required.

  19. What are your admin costs?

    Admin costs do not cross 5% of our entire budget. You may also refer our annual reports which are on our website for details of various expenses and staff remunerations.

  20. As you run a school for the hearing impaired children, do you follow sign Language?

    No, we follow oral method. We help children speak.

  21. From what class to what class you run the school?

    We run classes from Nursery to Class X

  22. What is the syllabus followed in the school?

    Regular state syllabus of Andhra Pradesh is followed.

  23. Does your school have recognition?

    Yes, it is recognized by A.P. Education department and Disabled welfare department.

  24. What are the other services your organization offers?

    We provide early intervention services to the young hearing impaired children aged between 0-5 years and Multimedia and Animation computer training centre for Adult hearing impaired aged between 17-21 years.

  25. Is a hearing Aid a complete solution to a deaf child?

    Wearing a right hearing aid and intensive speech therapy can give good results. When hearing Aid is not beneficial then cochlear implant Surgery is recommended.

  26. What are the causes of Hearing loss?

    There are pre, peri and post natal causes. Hearing Loss could be hereditary also.
    Some of the causes:
    Measles, Mumps, Fever with convolutions, Malnutrition of pregnant mother, X-Rays in third Month of pregnancy, Birth related problems, Ear-infections, Trauma etc.