Pre-Vocational Unit

Ashray Akruti envisaged the pre vocational training unit as an extension to the extra-curricular activities of the children. It provides a platform for the children to exhibit their talent and creativity and develop life skills among them. Identifying the innate abilities and interests of hearing impaired children at an early age, it helps them integrate them in society by means of employment.

With the constant encouragement from philanthropists, the students are motivated to do their best. It brings a purpose into their lives. In due course of time, these hobbies may become their source of livelihood.

Purchasing these hand made products that include paintings, paper bags, pebble art-paper weight, mobile pouches, Mothi works, Banjara photo frames, diyas, origami works, etc. enables you to support the activities of Ashray Akruti.

If you are interested in purchasing the products and for more details contact: 9100779277.