Inclusive Education

Inclusive Education is a model of education wherein a child with disability and child without disability study alongsideeach other under the same roof. Ashray Akruti has been successfully implementing this model of education since 2016 with Government schools in Hyderabad to provide quality education for children with hearing loss.

Ashray Akruti supports by providing special educators and speech therapists. These professionals work closely with the students with disability and their respective educators to provide them an enabling environment in the school.Assistive devices like hearing aids areprovided to the students. They are given inputs by the special educators to help them cope with academics in the classroom.The speech therapists help students use their residual hearing and acquire speech and language. For all the other activities, the students are together which brings in a camaraderie among the students with and without disability.

Workshops are conducted for school staff,parents, and students to bring awareness about the Inclusive education and its benefits.

Ashray Akruti collaborates with the following Government Schools in Hyderabad to implement Inclusive Education

  • MPPS ASRR Nagar, Suraram
  • ZPHS, Suraram
  • MPPS Nehru Nagar
  • ZPHS Nehru Nagar
  • MPPS Devendar Nagar