An educationist having almost two decades of experience in setting up a nonprofit organization Ashray – Akruti and running a special school for the hearing impaired, Inclusive school for the hearing impaired and the normal children, an early Intervention Centre, Computer Multimedia and Animation Centre, running additional two centers in Public Private Partnerships, Mr.D.P.K.Babu is an out of the box thinker and a believer in Inclusive Society.

He has been working relentlessly in the field of disability and education with great commitment for the past twenty years. Having a Hearing Impaired sibling was the driving force behind setting up the school for the Hearing impaired and other initiatives in Hyderabad. He has brought in several innovative methods to educate the hearing Impaired which has resulted in mainstreaming quite a number of hearing impaired children into regular schools. He believes in unique methods like Oral Aural teaching method and auditory verbal Method to develop speech and language to those who cannot hear.

Over the years, Babu has successfully run the organization and won accolades for the quality of services provided to the hearing impaired. The students are now successfully completing their education from various schools, colleges and universities.