COVID-19 Relief Activity by Ashray-Akruti

The current pandemic of COVID-19 has disrupted the life of Persons with disabilities in India. There are more than 43 Lakhs Persons with disabilities (PwDs) in Telangana. The coronavirus disease is likely to disproportionately affect these individuals, putting them at risk of increased morbidity and mortality, underscoring the urgent need to improve the provision of health care and food security. It threatens to exacerbate these disparities, particularly in low-income and middle-income families, where 80% of PwDs reside, making them extremely vulnerable.
Ashray Akruti and its employees are voluntarily ready to donate groceries and equipped to contribute for creating awareness about prevention, social distancing, isolation, and combating stigma. Ashray Akruti has Essential services-Permission granted to serve the People from the Department of Disabled Welfare Telangana and Greater Hyderabad Municipal Cooperation (GHMC).
Working in tandem with the Department of Disabled Welfare Telangana, with an aim of supporting 1000 families by end of May 2020, during the lockdown, Ashray Akruti has taken it upon itself to distribute essentials, Grocery Kits, Health Kits, medicine, etc., to PwDs, BPL families, Homeless, Poor people, at their doorsteps free of cost.

Ashray Akruti expresses gratitude to Government of Telangana & the thoughtful donors across, for offering support to Divyanjans in the midst of an unprecedented crisis.