Center For Early Intervention

Ashray Akruti’s Early Intervention Centre provides intervention services to infants aged 0 to 5 years diagnosed with hearing loss.The program helps the children with hearing loss to develop speech and language skills and bemainstreamed into formal schools. The team consists of qualified Audiologists, speech and language therapists, and special educators who provide individual attention to everychild that attends the program. The early intervention program administers on-going formal and informal diagnostic assessments to monitor progress and to develop individualized programs for the child and the family.

The children are provided appropriate hearing aids after comprehensive evaluation that helpin listening and communicating through speech. Individual and group sessions are held too. Parents are an integral part of the program so that they can integrate listening and spoken language into all aspects of the child’s life.The parents are also guided and counselled on managing behavior problems among children, management of hearing aids,availing government entitlements and concessions.

The Salient Features

  • Provide free Hearing Aids
  • Develop speech and language among children with hearing loss
  • Individual Session by speech and language therapist/special educators
  • Soundproof rooms to conduct Auditory Verbal Therapy
  • Training through play way method
  • Support in accessing Government entitlement and certificates
  • Parental Guidance and Counselling
  • Preparation for mainstream school